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Let us do the work for YOU, so you can concentrate on your Dental Office.


Operating a successful dental practice depends upon having the right people for the right positions at the right time. In the real world, people move away, take maternity leave, change jobs, or get sick. Your patients still deserve the same consistent, excellent care. That’s where we can help.

                                                 1.  Job applicants are pre-screened for skills, experience, salary requirements, etc., before referring to office for job opening. This pre-screening also identifies other requirements that often do not surface to either applicant and dental office until later in the interview process.

                                                  2. All applicants pass a process that includes application & data gathering, interview, and reference checking. Only qualified applicants are referred.

                                                  3. References checked on applicants. No risk-no fee for permanent placement until applicant is hired. This is to ensure right choice.

                                                   4. These features save the offices endless hours of sorting through unqualified or inappropriate applicants...and this translates into money saved.

                                                   5.Temporary employees available for short term or until permanent employee is hired.    Opportunity to hire temporary staff as needed. The best way for both employer and applicant to preview each other in a more realistic setting than a verbal interview. If a dental office has a present shortage of staff, rather than rush to hire the first available applicant, the service can supply a temporary employee to ease that shortage until the best person is found to fill that position.

Often it is the temporary themselves, as "working interviews" are the most realistic way of viewing each other for a potential employment relationship.  Dental Statewide Staffing service offers the dental office a "no-risk" situation when called. The placement fee is not due until the employee is hired, so the dental office risks nothing to allow the service to participate in the search. If they find the right employee through the service, the production loss that would be affected by the transition is decreased (or non-existent). There is a guarantee time following the hire date, to ensure that the right person was chosen for the job. YOU CAN'T LOSE!   So call now to see the Staff best for your Office 619 443-7252.      


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